Friday, June 27, 2008


Exactly one year ago today, I was laid off.

Naturally, I'm reflecting back on the last year, as I'm fond of doing. I'm also reflecting on my goals for this year and looking at how those are playing out so far.

I've been in my new job for four months now, and it's going fairly well. No complaints at all, really.

I've completed ten classes for my MBA in the past 12 months, out of 19 total classes needed for the degree. and I'll finish it up sometime in 2009. I've got seven to go, and I'm taking three in the fall, so I only need to take four courses in 2009 to finish the program and start paying off more student loans. I am glad that I've been working harder in studying for those courses - strangely, having the job may have helped in that department even though it greatly diminished the amount of time available to study.

I think it's time, though, to add another goal to the list. In weighing myself last night, I noticed that my weight has ballooned again, this time to the highest it has even been. I have gained 18 pounds during this year already, which would explain why my knees have been barking so much lately.

So, for the rest of the summer, that is where my focus needs to be. Whether it's walking or jogging around Kennesaw Mountain, or hitting the links, or going swimming, I need to be a LOT more active than I've been lately. While a lot of that has been due to stress, trying to exercise and be more active will probably also help to relieve that stress.

I doubt I will lose 45-50 pounds by Christmas, but considering all the other health items that have popped up lately, it is time for me to focus a lot more on my health and weight

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