Monday, June 02, 2008

Mini-SOP Rundown

OK, I've looked it over, and here's what I'll probably be playing in Bodog's Mini-SOP. Besides, I have to use those T$ somehow and I'd like to actually turn them into cash.

All events are at 9 PM unless otherwise noted.

Of course, if I knock out $mokkee tomorrow night in the BoDonkey, I'll probably add one of the bigger events.

Yes, I'm going for 4 final tables in a row, and I'm gunning for a friggin WIN this time. I need it to have any prayer of being in the top 18, along with a field of about 50.

PLHE, Tonight, $15
NLHE, 6/3, $10
NLHE, 6/5, $15
NLHE, 6/7, $25
NLHE, 6/12, $20
NLHE, 6/15 (3 PM), $30

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