Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, this sucks

I'm going to make sure to enjoy my time in N'Awlins next week:

Floodgates will not be ready by June 1

Let's see if I can adequately phrase my first reaction to this news:

!&*%^!$@^$">%^!$@^$;;)&@*!^@!(^&;!)*^#@*&;@!^# *!#@#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope, that didn't make me feel better.

It's not fun to think that, even once in a while, someone could, you know, GET SOMETHING DONE THAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO GET DONE!!!!!!

9 months after Katrina - and the Army Corps of Engineers states today that the levee walls which were breached will not be able to hold back a Category 3 hurricane, if that. Anything that strong or even remotely approaching it, especially before mid-July, will wipe everything out again.

The most important thing, more than anything else, is to get the gates and walls remotely close to working pre-hurricane capacity (i.e. Level 3). Even Level 2 levee strength would suffice in the short-term. This statement leads me to think that ANY hurricane that hits will overwhelm the levees. Again.

Another sign of New Orleans' and Louisiana's failed leadership and their outright stupidity, and in bureaucratic breakdown that CONTINUES to plague everything in the area. At least now I'll be there when Nagin gets thrown out.

Last word for a while to my Cajun readers - if summer rolls around and ANY hurricane makes its way into the Gulf, and you're in Louisiana - GET OUT AND GO NORTH. Heck, write me if you need a place. Hurricanes aren't hurricanes any more when they come up here. Just some rain and wind, but nothing too bad.

If any hurricane-force winds enter the Gulf, just pack a bag or two and get the first thing you can out of the area. It will not be good until at LEAST Labor Day to stick around with any incoming storm. Seriously, GET OUT.

Hopefully from now on I can do some happy New Orleans posts. Hopefully in two weeks I can put up something nice going on. I'm sure I'll see something good over four days.

When I'm not in a casino.

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