Sunday, May 07, 2006

Porter Goss, Junior Senator from Florida?

Rumors are circulating about why Porter Goss left his position as CIA head:

  • Forced out by W to concentrate more power in Homeland Security
  • Embarrassment over leaks
  • "Personal" reasons
  • Hookers and poker with Duke Cunningham (as the MSM seems to want to paint it)

Well, a whole new solution may be coming into play. Porter Goss served several terms in the House representing Florida. The current GOP candidate, Katherine Harris, has gone over as well as a lead balloon and is trailing Bill Nelson horribly.

The deadline for any other GOP candidates to file for the race is around May 15 - about a week away.

Porter Goss, if he were throwing his hat into the ring, would be an ideal candidate. Hailing from the Tampa area, which is very heavily GOP. Name recognition from his Congressional service and CIA tenure. And not nearly as much baggage as Harris.

Porter Goss could take this seat from Bill Nelson. If he runs for it.

Perhaps some encouragement to make this a reality would help....?

The phone number for the Florida Republican Party is 850.222.7920 and here is the link to their website.

Fire away.

UPDATE: Apparently, I'm not the only one who thought this. NRO beat me to the punch but I didn't realize it until today (Monday).


Jeff said...

I'm not sure where Goss originally hails from, but he represented Lee County (Ft Myers) in the House for years - not the Tampa area. Goss lives on Sanibel Island (exclusive), which I'm sure someone like Nelson wouldn't hesitate to use against him. Of course Harris lives on Longboat Key (Sarasota area - even more exclusive) so that shouldn't really matter.

I've always liked Goss. But it's so late in the game. He didn't exactly hit a homerun with the CIA. And if the administration forced him out, would they throw much needed money and support his way like they did for Mel Martinez?

As a Floridian, I really hope you're right, Mikey. I'm not looking forward to a choice between Bill Nelson and 3rd part candidates. But I'm also not holding my breathe.

TSL said...

I don't know if the political atmosphere in this country will permit it, but this definitely seems to be the first step towards the militarization of the intellegence apparatus. And I am all in favor of it. Eliminate the CIA and let the NSA do international operations and the FBI domestic (but let them SHARE info as needed). The move the NSA to the command of the Joint Chiefs, sorta like a bubble agency that straddles all of the military branches.

Would it work? Who knows? But moving it to the military would at least strongly discourage the political/civil service elements of this area and perhaps instill a little conservatism to boot (since the military leans right).

Oh, and pimping your blog in the comments at Ace's, Mikey? FOR SHAME! ;-)

Francase said...

Guess it didn't happen. Hope Nelson has more personality and brains in his 2nd term than his first.