Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Don't look now......

Cards def. Mets, 1-0.
Brewers def. Phillies, 7-5.
Braves def. Marlins, 6-4.

Yep, the last entry thanks to another game-winning shot, this time thanks to Chipper Jones.

Wait a minute - who's that at .500?

Who's that now only 4 games back of he Mets in the NL East, after making up the easy games the Mets had in April?

Hmmmmm.......they may not be ready to die just yet. (They may die later, but as I wrote 11 days ago in the "Uh-oh" post, they needed to win that last game against the Mets and win a bunch against Florida and Washington.

They won that last game, and so far are 7-2 against FLA and WSH.

I told you so :)

Next up, a 10-game trip to Phoenix, San Diego, and Chicago. If they can go 6-4, it will become a VERY interesting race.

Then again, at only 4 games back, I'd say it already is pretty damn interesting.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

What a great night of baseball!

But, Mike, you told me so? Surely that line must be directed at our good friends who root for those slumping Mets. Personally, I'm hanging on to my the title of being the biggest eternal Braves' optimist!

And how about praising Chipper for a change? You came close but still held back. So clutch. The guy can still flat out play.

Go Bravos!

Francase said...

You win for being the optimist. I was being a realist - and a fairly psychic one at that!

It was a big hit for him, but he is a player clearly on the decline. A big hit now and then and veteran leadership is what is needed more. That hit helps. But more is needed.

Not to mention Franceour should try to get the OBP over .300.

But they are coming around and not as bad as folks made them out to be - They're still on pace for a win total in the mid to high 80's.

And they took care of business as needed and projected.

Therefore, I reserve the right to gloat :)

Big Daddy Jeff said...

Nothing wrong with that!

BTW, it is amazing how Francoeur doesn't walk. He's got to learn that over time. He's got too good of a stick so pitchers will want to pitch around him.

Big Daddy Jeff said...

And today's results continue the trend: Braves win, Mets and Phillies lose.

8-2 against Marlins and Nats. Just what the dr ordered.

You're right about 6-4 being the goal on the west coast trip. Want to keep the momentum going. And this is their last time out west for the year too so that's good.

Francase said...

Yes, I suppose I made an error now in my original post.

Now only 3.5 games back and they are over .500.