Monday, May 08, 2006

On the Road Again

In a little less than two weeks, we will probably head to lovely New Orleans - we're about 95% sure. A lot of reasons:

1) Watch Willy Wonka get thrown out of office in the mayoral runoff.
2) Have Alex play with his three cousins.
3) Go play poker.
4) All of the above.

If you guessed #4, then congratuations on your keen sense of the obvious.

Yep, it will be Alex's first trip down to the Big Easy, ever. It'll be the first time he sees his cousins, and the first time he sees his Grandma's house.

It'll also be my first live poker tournament, and will be at the recently re-opened Harrah's New Orleans - not dealing with online avatars, but actual people.

I'll be trying my hand in the satellites to start, as I'd rather not throw away too much money. Besides, you never know what might happen in a sit-n-go satellite. And what better place to do it than one of my favorite cities?

Besides, it's a good reason to get out of work.


Jeff said...

Your spin sounds noble. But I'm sticking with choice #3 myself! ;) Good luck!

Francase said...

Nah, it's #4. All of them are quite good reasons. But #3 will be fun!

Or, I'll be miserable after bouncing out.