Friday, May 19, 2006

Time to lighten up a bit

here's a change from my normal type of post.....

This story's been making the rounds the last few days.

In all fairness, it's quite easy to trip, stumble, etc. while carrying around a wiggling, squirming baby.

I think at this point the profiling of Britney and baby are getting just a bit too far out of hand. A lot of the things that have been reported are quite common for a LOT of parents.

Either we or people we know, at one time or another, have done all of the things Britney is getting called out for. And no, we haven't done them all ourselves. Just saying they're more common than thought.

  • Car seat installed incorrectly? Check. A car seat facing backwards/forwards depends not just on age but weight as well. Some babies are too big to be in a backwards-facing carseat when they get past 8-9 months.
  • Not fastened in correctly? Check. Did this myself at one point, but Alex reminded me at the end of the driveway that I missed a strap on his car seat. Oops.
  • Stumbling while holding a baby? Check. EVERYONE I know with kids has done this. I've done it more times than I can count.
  • Child falling from high chair and hitting head on floor? Check. Especially if they wiggle. A lot.

About the only one that none of us have ever seen is driving with the child in the lap. Though, under certain circumstances (such as, I don't know, being hounded by stalkers i.e. paparazzi), I could understand it. Not condone it, but understand it.

I promise this will be the last Britney Spears post I ever write. She's going through a lot of the things young parents go through. I'm just saying that perhaps, in this situation, perhaps we shouldn't be so hard on her parenting skills.

Heh, heh.....hard.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

I'm just a big kid at heart. Could Britney drive with me on her lap? Or should I be the one driving in that case?

Francase said...

Methinks your preference would be you drive and she handles the gearshift.

Perhaps I shoulda made the picture bigger for ya.