Saturday, May 06, 2006

Uh oh

Last night: a 14-inning Braves loss to the Mets.

Today: a 6-5 loss with a lead squandered by Tim Hudson, in a game where the Mets' starter, Victor Zambrano, left in the 2nd inning.

9 games back heading into tomorrow, which must be serious. John Smoltz will start on three days rest....against recent AAA-callup Jose Lima.

Will the Braves make a stand to keep the lead decent, or will Lima time throw the Braves into a double-digit deficit?

And are we SURE that McDowell isn't just screwing with the Braves' staff to help out his former team?

I said I was worried about McDowell but I was hoping it wouldn't be too severe a dropoff. I think with a loss tomorrow, it will be time to worry. I don't really call May games must-wins very often, but....tomorrow IS a must-win. 10 games back in the division after a potential sweep would make it extremely difficult to recover.

Not to mention, 8-9 games back in the wild-card chase.

At this point, only 6 teams have a worse record, so now might be a good time to get it together.

I miss Leo.

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