Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Torture by Xanadu

I love having satellite TV. I love being able to watch a whole bunch of different shows, and I am glad that we have a DVR unit to record anything, anytime, on any channel.

I also like the fact that XM channels are carried through the satellite signal. It comes in handy some night when the kids are sleeping in our room - they normally have music playing in their room, and when they sleep with us in our room, we normally turn it on a channel then as well.

Thankfully, they seem to have decent taste - jazz or blues music has been their favorites.

I was flipping through the music channels yesterday, trying to find some stations with Christmas music - normally they add a couple during the season. Instead, I found an absolute monstrosity that must have been conceived with a lot of drugs.

An ABBA channel.

Thankfully, it is only for a limited time - but if you're looking to torture that special someone, behold! Get out your roller skates!

Vicious bastards.

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