Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Math

Written: 20 earned of 20 possible.
Programming: 21 earned of 22.5 possible.
Participation: 12 earned of 15 possible.
Group Project: Cannot be less than 14 earned of 20 possible.

I have two programming assignments that can be done as written assignments, which would realistically get about 13 out of 15 points.

For this class, B is 80-83.

My total is 80 points out of 92.5, with one remaining programming assignment to go.

The one which I've been wrestling with for months, and can't make work because I can't develop a login script or new user script to be used in my ASP.NET forms.

But, I think I already have enough points for a B. At least a B- most certainly.

It's not worth the stress. Not with two grades of at least A- (and maybe A) already in the bag.

Perhaps I should just say...FUCK IT.

What do you think?

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