Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, the BoDonkey wrapped up last night with the tournament of champions. 14 entrants and the top 5 paid out in prizes ranging up to $T2000 + $100 in the Bodog casino.

The roll call:

$mokkee bubbled after a crazy final table that saw no action for an hour, and then turned into a pushfest. I went from 18000 chips to 900 chips (JJ cracked by 22) to 19000 chips to 12000 chips over the course of the bubble.

It took three and a half hours to eliminate nine people. With starting stacks of 250 BB and 20-minute levels, it's not that surprising. We started at 9:05 PM and ended at 1:50 AM.

The winners:

5th Place ($50) - Waffles when his short-stacked 10-8 was pushed into StB's A-Q, which became a rivered boat.

4th Place ($100) - StB (Beer City Poker) - I missed the bust because I was typing this up. Oops. The bust gave TonySoprano a huge chip lead, though - 45K to 11K for the other two players.

3rd Place ($250) - Me. Yes, me. I raised my K-J, got pushed back, and called off the rest of my meager stack only to run into aces. Oops. And STFU.

2nd Place ($500) - Wilwonka. Even after running over me with aces, he was still down 2:1 in chips. Knocked out when his A-K was outrun by A-8 which flopped two pair and turned a boat.

1st Place ($2000 + $100) - TonySoprano (Chad) - Hopefully the link still works in the morning for his fifth/sixth/fourteenth blog. After winning 30K the last couple weeks on Full Tilt, he comes over to BoDog and picks up another couple grand. That's hot.

This probably makes most of you happy who bet on him at 10:1 to take it down. From what I hear, it's a whole lot of you. I'm happy for winning the last-longer side bets.

Well done to all - and I'm looking forward to doing it all again sometime.

That wraps up bloggerments for me for the year.

Peace out, bitches.

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$mokkee said...

you had a nice run in this series. congrats on your 3rd place finish in the TOC.