Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last chances

Tonight: The last regular BoDonkey tournament.

Tomorrow night: A last chance tournament for the donkeys who played at least three times in the Bodog Blogger Tournament series, but aren't high enough on the leaderboard to automatically qualify.

Thursday night: The BoDonkey TOC, with a first prize of $2000 on the line.

I'm 6th on the leaderboard, so I think I've already clinched a spot on Thursday night, but I will be slinging chips tonight anyway.

See you there.

UPDATE: 45 minutes before the starting gun, we have 25 players. Let's see a few more...

UPDATE (Wed.): I finished in 7th in the tourney, and 6th overall in the series. The top 11 made it, and the last three got in through the Last Chance tourney tonight. 14 of us suit up tomorrow night at 9:05 PM, so I'll probably be logging in around 9:04:57.

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