Sunday, December 07, 2008

Karma says go to bed

It was a pretty good day up until 6:00 yesterday.

I went to a meetup last night, and it was going pretty well for a few hours - watch some football, play a few levels, yada yada yada.

Then, a knock at the door.

And we get to go crazy.

Apparently, a car came around the bend and plowed into a car which belonged to one of us. Nailed dead-center, no brakes used, no sound until the collision. We didn't hear anything, but a neighbor saw it from the top of the hill and saw the car, with an apparently drunk woman, back up and turn off her lights, then sneak away. Couldn't get a description due to the distance, but apparently she got out, stared at it for a minute, then got back in her car and stole away like a coward.


At 6:00 PM.

No shit?

No shit.

That car was hit so hard that the trunk was punched in and it was pushed forward a couple of feet....into my truck.

So, we called out the cops, did the reports, called the insurance companies, and all the other fun stuff associated with STUPID FUCKING DRUNK DRIVERS DOING FORTY IN A SUBDIVISION PLOWING DOWN EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.

Our truck has some damage. Back bumper is bent up, but nothing was punched in. The truck stopped about six inches short of hitting the next car in front. It's driveable, and there are no leaks. It just has some added character.

Besides, it's a Ford. The bumper's supposed to be bent, dented, or falling off.

The cops (all four police cars) scoured the neighborhood for the car - as there was no way to exit without going back past us. It was found today in the subdivision as it belonged to another house. I guess it's hard to hide a SUV when you've spent the night HITTING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO GODDAMN DRUNK.

I'm hoping the other car's OK, because it was a pretty sweet Nissan 240X. The truck should be OK. I'm glad there's no worry about deductibles since we now know the little **** that decided to play pinball with her car. Hopefully, the other vehicle isn't totaled.

Nah, I'm not ticked. But the police now know who it is, and the insurance company will know in the morning. A small victory for justice, I hope.

After all that, I wasn't even that down upon hearing Florida won. Meh. They finished up while we were out chatting with fuzz. So did USC, so UT's hopes came down to Missouri, which barely showed up.

After everything was all said and done, I went to watch more football and play around. And I paid for it dearly - starting with Aces cracked by 7's when a runner-runner straight hit. I eventually decided to turn in and decide that the rest of this day - nah, this weekend - would be best spent not doing a goddamn thing. No computer, no chatting, no phone, until about an hour ago.

I spent the rest of last night and most of today snuggling with babies, drawing dinosaurs, and watching football while refusing to move off the couch. A good choice, if I don't say so myself.

Thank God there was no homework to do this weekend.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to seeing this bitch in court.

At least I'm not too upset.


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