Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best Burn

Last night, while indulging my inner insomniac and donking around on the computer, E! was on the tube.

Normally, I don't watch it, but I was in the mood for mindless stuff and, well, E! fits that bill very well. It happened to be showing "The 40 Worst Celebrity Breakups" and, since I like a good train wreck, I kept the tv on the show.

Surprisingly, this breakup wasn't anywhere near the top, but I still think it's the best revenge piece done in recent memory - completely decimate your ex while launching your own career into the stratosphere.

Any thoughts? Anything else that might be better?

Of course, this was after Donovan McNabb clinched a spot for me in my fantasy football league finals. Gotta have priorities.

(Hey, I'm trying to interject something different than politics and poker. Sue me.)

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