Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy endings

1) We finally got through to the insurance agency for the driver who played pinball Saturday night. Her company has accepted liability so now it's just a matter of picking a shop and getting the bumper fixed. The appraisal has already been done, all claim numbers entered, so this may wrap up a lot quicker than I envisioned.

Ironically, while we are moving fast in that regard, the police report is still not ready. Tomorrow, it will probably be ready.

2) I've gotten back two grades so far, an A- and a B+. I got the B+ because, in all honesty, I wasn't focusing really well on what I was writing in my IS Security classbecause I was focusing too much on my Web Application class, and I deservedly got punished for it, turning an A or an A- into a B+. The Marketing class ended well, and an A- is quite tolerable. No end yet for the Web Application class; I am hoping the grade is available by next week.

Even if it's a C+ or a B-, I am just glad the course is over with. If I'm punished for not being able to accomplish something that no one else in the class was able to accomplish, then so be it. In about ten hours, I will be able to just focus on next semester. The grade could be anywhere from a C to an A-, but really, I just want to move on to next term.

As for you degenerate bloggers in Vegas this weekend, have a round or two for me. Just make sure I'm not left out of the Dial-a-shot fun : )

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