Friday, August 22, 2008


Way back on June 11, I wrote a post about withdrawing from Bodog, and whether anyone had experienced some issues with BoDog's payout service.

Unless you've done a moneyrgam transfer with them (which I had not), you have to request payout in the form of a check. I'd heard about and read some horror stories about it taking much longer than anticipated to receive checks, and hoped it would not exceed the 15 business day timeframe that was being published on their website.

So, on June 15, I initiated the payout.

On June 16, it was approved.

However, the check was not sent until August 19 - 41 business days after the request was approve, or slightly more than twice the anticipated wait time originally published.

Considering what seems to be happening on other sites, with a few bloggers unable to withdraw money from Full Tilt as of late, I guess I should be thankful that it finally showed up at all. I did, at least, get a bit of credit in my account for the interminable wait, so I do have to give BoDog some props for that.

In all seriousness, though, you guys need to find a more stable payout method, whether it's through check providers or through another online service. While it's good the funds did show up eventually (which is better than FTP), it's still a ridiculously long time.

If the question is, "How long does Bodog take to process checks?", the answer seems to be 41 business days, despite the 15-20 day timeframe currently on their website.

I am hoping it improves back to the expectation very soon.

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