Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Coding/Blogging Outage

For the past couple days, it seemed odd that I had no visitors and no subscribers.

I caught up on some reading today and realized that Sitemeter code took down a lot of blogs over the weekend - some famous, some not so famous.

Since I didn't try to blog anything, I didn't notice. Once I did notice, I removed the code.

For some reason, after I removed it, I was receiving reports with zeroes all the way across - which can't be accurate in the slightest.

I think I've gotten the kinks figured out. For now. So, hopefully you are able to see an accurate counter on the sidebar, and are able to see this in your reader, or Facebook, or wherever you read this thing.

I've also finished updating the links/blogrolls and added some new widgets. I was hoping to add a music player of some sort, but decided it would just make loading the page too damn long. It takes long enough already.

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