Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a What?

I was trying to do a search for some images of myself (more on that in another post) for a submission that I am doing this morning.

In addition to the top local results, I also got the top 10 Google results. Apparently, the following is at #3, and it's fairly recent.

R.I.P. Straight Face of the Shadow Mob

When you click into the article, you'll see that it's my name, with something very very close to my age. However, it looks nothing like me.

The post describes the death as a self inflicted shooting while playing with a gun inside the record studio.

So, if it isn't obvious from the last few hundred posts, I'm not dead yet.

Apparently, I'm also a bodyguard, an artist, a corporate executive, a photographer, a country singer, another artist, a sculptor, a day spa, another photographer, and an archbishop.

The first public result that came up which actually was me was my LinkedIn profile - which only served to remind me that I probably need to change the picture there as well.

Who knew I had time for so many interests?

I could probably spend all day self-Googling - but that might not be a good way to spend my day.

For now, I've found a picture to use.

From left to right: Michael Francis, Kim Francis, Archbishop Wilton Gregory, and Joanne Langonne.
This was taken a couple of weeks prior to the Easter Vigil and the completion of the OCIA process at St. Joseph's Church.

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crankycon said...

Through google I've found that I'm a stockbroker living in . . . Atlanta. Oh, the irony.