Friday, August 15, 2008

Da solo, introito 4

Earlier this week, Kim's grandmother passed away at 92. We scheduled a quick trip South for her to go to and help with the funeral service and everything that was needed.

In the meantime, I am here, with the kids on my own again. In the latest installment of You Let Your Kids Watch WHAT???, I let Alex stay up slightly later than normal to watch...Jurassic Park III.

There were two segments where I changed the channel - the two scenes that involved dead people or people becoming dead in an ugly manner. The rest of the movie was OK to watch - tough he still thinks the brachiosaurii and raptors are the coolest animals, especially when the raptors "talk" to each other. It's also good that the movie doesn't end with anything gruesome, but with the raptors heading back into the jungle.

Soon, I'm hoping I can put up pictures from taking Alex to see some dinosaurs. Maybe next week, if I have some free time.

Besides, it was a difference from watching gymnastics (ugh) or inane cartoons (ugh, again). For the most part, I didn't have to worry about the content and it was something that I could actually pay attention to without having to bash my head against a wall because I hear a cheery little cartoon jingle for the 537th time.

Tonight should be interesting, as I have to head downtown to get my books for classes which start next week. I was planning on doing it tomorrow or Sunday, but that's now an impossibility. Besides, the kids will get to see how crazy a school can be - I'm sure it'll be very hectic as a few thousand other students try to do the same things I need to do.

This summer went by way too quickly.

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