Friday, August 08, 2008


I think with this week coming to a close that I need a drink or eight quite badly, so let's try one drink of each.

This has probably been my busiest week of work so far at the new company. However, the rough part hasn't been the volume of work, or the short deadlines. Instead, the rough part has been trying to get things done when you aren't given complete information or when other folks, far more experienced, are making mistakes or just putting off essential items.

Don't get me wrong, other people are busy too, but I can't stand when other people shirk off work and instead spend their time doing almost nothing, or not paying attention to what they are doing (and as a result, screwing up what needs to be done further down the pipeline.

About the only decent thing that occurs from these episodes is that I appear to be the only one who has a fucking clue. In the long run, I suppose that is a good thing.

I would have written this last night, but a power outage took out the entire neighborhood from 8:30 PM to almost 1 AM. I actually did the unthinkable - I went to bed before midnight, for once.

However, I didn't appreciate the automated phone call at 4:30 AM letting me know the power had returned. A big thanks to Captain Obvious for that phone call.

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