Wednesday, July 30, 2008


One thing for which I've always been thankful is that my kids love to read. Even when it wasn't so much reading as it was looking at the pictures, they have both always loved reading.

As I've mentioned in passing, this week is an interesting one, as I am doing the solo parenting thing from Saturday to Saturday while the wife is in New Orleans. I realized today that this was also the topic of my second blog post ever on this little corner of a series of tubes (as a recently indicted Senator describes it.)

It's also the un-birthday of this blog - it is two and a half years old today. Kooky, eh?

Anyway, I decided that yesterday should be a remote day - as I had no meetings to attend, and everyone else was working remotely yesterday, I decided to save myself 90 miles of driving to day care and back and work from home during the day. Throughout the morning, I worked on a couple of prpoposals while the kids played, ate breakfast and lunch, watched TV, and of course acted goofy.

In the middle of the afternoon, I packed up the brood to head over to the library. While Alex had gone a couple of times, I don't think Samantha had ever gone, and I don't think they had seen a library with me other than GSU's library, so I figured it would be fun to take them over. They could pick out some books to read and/or look at, and there was a movie showing at 3:00 which would entertain them while also allowing me to work on anything else for work.

So, they both got to watch Bee Movie, and even though it wasn't a great movie, both of them had fun at the library - Alex by reading (for real) through several books, and Sammie by stacking about 20-30 books on top of a table until they all fell down. She didn't have much patience to have me read to her while we were there, but instead wanted to wander the aisles and explore for herself.

Yesterday was momentous for one other reason, though. Alex got to feel even more like an adult by getting his very first library card. He used it to check out three books - naturally, all three books were about dinosaurs.

He's now decided that he needs to have a wallet like me, but I told him it would be a long time before he got any credit cards. Still, it will be fun for him to show to his classmates during show and tell.

I think I was six or seven when I got my first library card, so I guess he's ahead of me on the learning curve. I don't remember if I was reading at four, but it's pretty cool that he's doing so now.

Now if he would just go to bed without trying to make 17 excuses a night for getting out of bed - but it's one battle at a time.

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