Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hand of the day

Second orbit, in the blinds. This is always fun.

ROBIRD1 Posts SB 0.10
APOSEC72 Posts BB 0.25
jimmyb72 Calls 0.25
SwampAss331 Folds
Auditor222 Folds
swamptoe1 Calls 0.25
DaRealViRuS2 Folds
Aventurera Folds
ROBIRD1 Calls 0.15
APOSEC72 [6c] [6s] Checks

FLOP: [Qs] [6s] [6d] DQB!!!

ROBIRD1 Checks
APOSEC72 Checks
jimmyb72 Bets 0.25
swamptoe1 Folds
APOSEC72 Raised to 0.50
jimmyb72 Calls 0.25

TURN: [Qs] [6s] [6d] [Kd]

APOSEC72 Bets 0.50
jimmyb72 Calls 0.50

RIVER: [Qs] [6s] [6d] [Kd] [4c]

APOSEC72 Checks
jimmyb72 Bets 3.20
APOSEC72 Raised to 13.00
jimmyb72 All In 8.95
APOSEC72 Shows [6s] [6c]
jimmyb72 Shows [Kc] [Kh] Wow, that's painful. Boated up on the turn, but still drawing to one out.
APOSEC72 Won 25.94 from pot 1 with Four of a Kind Sixes

Thank God the last king didn't come on the river - that would have been a killer beat for the ages.

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