Monday, July 28, 2008

Company Marketing

One thing that's been noticeably different between my current job and previous jobs is the lack of promotional items.

With the Bank, it was fairly easy to see what promotional business items were available and how much they cost. Between online catalogs, road shows, and store locations in main buildings, it was easy to acquire branded merchandise or business promotional items to display, wear, show off, etc. On many days there would be a large number of associates wearing bank-branded gear.

But here, it's a lot more difficult to find any sort of business promotional item available. Even finding a way to get a polo shirt with the company logo has been somewhat difficult, which seems strange for a Fortune 500 company - no catalog, no online site, nothing which is readily accessible. Even when I mention who I work for, most folks' first reaction is "Who?"

Meanwhile, I now have a drawer full of bank shirts which come in useful when cleaning the house because I pretty much don't wear them anymore.

I think I might go to an outside site to get some shirts, just so I can have something to wear or show off. We'll probably be looking at some sort of promotional business item site over the next few months to prepare for Nationals anyway, so it might be good to try and find some sort of business partner now in order to be ready for December. One site in particular seems to have a lot of different marketing options available, so it may be worth looking into for a lot of different types of marketing materials for both Nationals and trade shows I might have to attend this fall and spring without having to worry about quantity.

After all the driving around this morning and fun of last night, this is probably about all my brain can handle at the moment.

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