Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lifting the curse

I've decided today that it is finally time to lift my curse against BOA's stock.

Since leaving a year ago, I sold off any remaining stock I had in the company, thanks to retirement plans and other employee benefits.

Since then, the stock has fallen from 51 (ha!) to a low today of 18.5.

I think that is enough of a fall now for Bank of America, so I am lifting my curse against them, regardless of who remains there or any stupid practices they may continue to have.

With the stock under 20, I'm now thinking it could be a good long-term buying opportunity. For now, though, I'm satisfied with the damage done to their stock price and current market standing. It might be a good opportunity, depending on their earnings release next week.

Karma is fun sometimes. I consider this score settled. A drop of over 60% puts us even, don't you think?

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