Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I spoke with my sister for a while last night, catching up on how the northern branch of the family tree is coming along. I found out that my nephew had made a decision where he will be going to college.

He will be starting at Towson University next month, in Maryland. Apparently, he was extremely interested in their audiology program, and such interest was reciprocated, so he will be starting there in the fall. He has had some hearing deficiencies for several years now, and as such is very interested in going into this line of work.

In addition, he has almost gotten all the way through to becoming an Eagle Scout. He has been very involved with Scouting for a number of years, and will probably be gonig through an Eagle Scout ceremony in the fall or during winter break, once everything is organized and a good time is found for everyone. I mentioned that I'd been at a few Eagle Scout ceremonies back when I was a section chair in the fraternity to recognize new Eagle Scouts, and found out he may be interested in such an organization as they already know about it.

So, I realized a few things from this call:

1. The next generation of Franci are beginning college. Already.
2. The next generation of Franci may pledge the same fraternity as me.
3. Holy crap, I'm friggin old.

Now, what would be really strange is if he pledged and ended up in Boston at Nationals along with us. That would be even freakier.

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