Sunday, October 29, 2006


Looks like St. Louis won the World Series Friday night.


The St. Louis Cardinals, with all of 84 wins during the regular season.

Honestly, Game 5 was the only game I watched. The only reason I watched it is because it happened to be on during a game, and I was more concerned with my chip stack and slow-playing A-A to take a bunch of chips than how many errors the Tigers racked up in Game 5 (I think they had three errors?) When the most interesting personality is Kenny Rogers, it can't be a good series.

Given all of the other storylines of the season, the Cardinals were the absolute worst team to have in the Series. I haven't seen the ratings numbers yet but I'd imagine they would be the lowest in quite a long time, if not the lowest ever.

At least it's over with, just in time for the NFL and CFB seasons to really get going. I was a LOT more psyched seeing Oregon State pull off the upset over USC, and watching the Colts-Broncos game today, than I was for the World Series. Heck, the Panthers and Cowboys holds more interest for me, and I don't even care after dispatching my opponent by 36 points in FFL!

It's going to be very dull when February rolls around and there's no more football. In the meantime, I'm eating it up.

UPDATE: I was right on those ratings. 10.1 for the Series, down 9% from last year's abysmal ratings. Apparently I wasn't the only one with attention diverted elsewhere. Game 1 received an 8.0 rating.

I did not know the World Series would start on a Tuesday next year. they can play to November every year! Whoopee.


paul zummo said...

Well, on the bright side, we can put to rest the National League is a AAAA League argument.

Still, the bitterness of losing to this team in seven will linger. It almost makes it worse that the Cards won, because now I have to live with the agony of knowing that the Tigers were a team the Mets could have beaten. ARGH.

Francase said...

I decided to be nice and not bring up that little point :)

At least the Cardinals were in the top half of the majors in finishing records. 13th out of 30? Better than a whopping 16 other teams!

It's probably a sad state that I'm looking forward to Hot Stove season more than I was looking forward to the World Series.