Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy day

Well, on Saturday, there was a wedding.

No, not these two. But they attended the reception.

Two friends from Emory got married yesterday downtown by Underground. It was a very nice wedding - and probably the shortest Catholic wedding I have ever attended :)

One good thing (which allowed Alex to attend) was that the reception was held at the new Georgia Aquarium over by Centennial Olympic Park. It opened about a year ago. It is huge, and this was our first trip there.

We all had a blast. The place is HUGE, and awesome. Wow.

Alex spent nearly the entire reception running between the two windows of the ballroom.

This one (there are rays and sharks in the tank, but not in this shot):

And this one:

Of course, we loved it too. The whales were so close that it seemed as though you could pet them. Or let them give you a kiss. The belugas were that playful.

Thankfully, all that running wore us out, so we all fell right asleep as soon as we got home. Since he was so worn out from running around, he slept later, which allowed us to sleep later.

Good times.

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