Monday, October 02, 2006

No musings this week

Since I watched exactly 2 minutes of football this weekend, I can't really write anything this week. I was out on Saturday and Sunday, so football was not in order for me.

I decided it was better to use Sunday to take Alex to an apple orchard in Ellijay. It was one of those places where you pick the apples yourself, fill up a bag, etc. Plus, there was a tiny festival taking place, complete with funnel cake and line dancing. I'm thankful we both found the line dancing equally weird.

Moral of the story - we had lots of fun, he was worn out but happy, and I didn't listen to or watch a lick of football. Didn't really miss it, either.

In the meantime.....we're counting down until UGA-UT on Saturday. That will be a completely different story.


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