Saturday, January 03, 2009


We have returned, and I'm writing a long entry about the past two weeks, but I wasnted to put the picks up before the games started.

Round 1:
Falcons 34 Cardinals 13
Colts 38 Chargers 14
Eagles 24 Vikings 21
Dolphins 26 Ravens 7

Round 2: (subject to change depending how wrong I am about round 1)

Giants 27 Eagles 3
Falcons 31 Panthers 13
Colts 41 Titans 14
Dolphins 20 Steelers 13

Conference Championships:

Giants 27 Falcons 17
Colts 27 Dolphins 9

Super Bowl:

Giants 41, Colts 31
Manning Commercials: 1,264,946

I hope I'm partially wrong about the conference championships, but for now I'll just enjoy today's games and root for the Falcons to take down the Cardinals!


TSL said...


APOSEC72 said...

Well, I can't disappoint, now can I??

CrankyCon said...

Damn it. The Giants are doomed. Oh well, at least you took down the Falcons first.

BTW, I'm glad to see you finally made it back home.