Tuesday, January 06, 2009

After May...

I have no free time until May 9, at which point I'll be a fully-recognized, certified, and indentured MBA. However, after that time, I plan to celebrate and devote time to other things which don't involve sitting in a classroom for 12 hours a week.

1. I decided to get a little more involved again with APO, in a different way. I agreed to be the techie for the Region, which means more time building and fiddling with web pages, monitoring groups, and so on. I also agreed to serve on their Finance Committee. I'll probably have to make one trip to Kansas City the first weekend of June, but that should be a pretty easy trip.

But that doesn't quite fall under the category of celebrating. It falls more into preparing for other, more fun trips.

2. I've written the past couple of times about wanting to go to Vegas for a blogger get-together. Well, if it happens the SECOND weekend of June, I'm in. If it isn't the second weekend...well, I might go anyway. Why?

3. Here's why; I'm considering playing in one of the WSOP events, and there are three possibilities which go hand-in-hand with the second weekend of June:
  • Event 24, Noon: NL Hold Em, $1500, Thursday June 11
  • Event 25, 5 PM: Omaha 8/b & 7-Stud 8/b, $2500, Thursday June 11
  • Event 28, Noon: NL Hold Em, $1500, Saturday June 13

I picked the first two because if I go more than one day or to the end, I can still return on Sunday and miss minimal time from work - because even if I win, I can't leave and sit on my ass.

If I don't play in an event, and there's no blogger gathering, well we may all just head out and meet up out west with family in Vegas. It's a helluva lot cheaper than Southern California.

4. Alex and Sammie are going to get to visit two amusement parks this year. The second will occur over the summer, after classes end, before starting kindergarten. We won free passes to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania so we will be making a northward trek over the summer. We haven't quite figured out when, or if there will be any other stops on the way, or if we head out of the way to visit people in, say, Iowa, or New York.

5. The other big amusement park trip will occur on Alex's birthday, and should be a pretty special treat for him - especially since he's tall enough now to go for a ride on Space Mountain.

There may also be visits to see Grandma, or even a separate trip out west to see other family in Arizona or California or Vegas.

So, that should be enough fun for a little while - more than enough for kids young and old.

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