Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road Worriers, Part 3

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December 27: Boston

Even though we didn't really want to leave New York after my sister died, we knew we had to continue on to Boston. Of course, my mind was not really there, so if you saw me (and many of you did) you know I didn't seem very focused.

On the other hand, I do want to say thank you to everyone for their well-wishes and their offers to help in any way possible. There were a couple of times where I need to get away and blow off some steam (you know who you are) and some folks were a really big help in helping me do so - either watching the kids so I could get a moment of fresh air, or over a drink at Sidebar.

Included on the 27th was a lot of research, printing, and assembling of bid books, as well as the kids' first attempt at walking out into Boston. With Nationals beginning that night, the first appearances for Kim and her team would begin late at night, so I was trying to prepare myself for three days of running around with the kids - while not losing my mind.

We were near Copley Square, off Boylston and a few blocks away from Boston Common. However, with it being so cold, all they got to see was a Dunkin Donuts (the first of several) and a row of places to eat on Dalton Street on the 27th. However, both kids enjoyed pulling around their little suitcases filled with their blankies and their toys.

The most notable event was word from the valet that the truck would not start and not work. Apparently, despite surviving a 1,161 mile trip with no problems at all, the hotel valet was not able to move the truck 200 feet to a parking spot. We called AAA, and of course the truck started fine for me and for them. No dead battery was found, nor was anything else found to be wrong. It seems that starting a truck is a very difficult maneuver for the hotel parking staff, so I took the truck out and put in self-parking after we made sure everything was OK.

(Dear Sheraton: Welcome to the shit list. Between the valet and charging a whole bunch of items which still haven't been fixed, you belong here.)

December 28: Boston

It was finalized by the family that the memorial service would take place on Dec. 30, at Fishkill United Methodist Church at 3 PM. My brother had, by this time, arrived back in Brewster and the service would be held while he and I were still in the area before heading back to Iowa and Georgia. Kim and I decided that I would head over solo, for several reasons:

1. Kids in a truck for 7 hours is not very relaxing, on top of all the other car time they'd had.
2. Toddlers at funeral may not do very well.
3. The drive would be 3 hours without kids, but probably 4 or 5 with the kids.
4. The kids would be in the car a bunch for the next three days, so no reason to add on more for them.

Also on the 28th was the APO alumni gathering, held in the Prudential Tower at the Skywalk with an overlook of all of Boston, and a fellowship dinner to which we brought the kids because we figured they would behave themselves fairly well - which they did. Some of the pictures are up on Facebook.

December 29th: Boston

With some free time today, I tried to take the kids around town a bit. The kids spent a bit of time in the play room so they could indulge in their tower-building and destroying tendencies, which allowed me time to walk around a slight bit. I was able to walk up a few blocks to Boston Common and to the Bull and Finch pub, where I ordered a Guinness and burger which turned out to be very tasty. However, everyone didn't know my name, unlike the theme song for the TV show. I needed an hour or two of quiet time, with kid radar turned off, so this helped a bit.

I took the kids out late in the afternoon to show them other sights of Boston. We drove past Fenway Park, and I showed them other parts of town - before getting completely turned around and lost. We ended up heading east, to Chestnut Hill, and ate pizza at a local joint - which was pretty good, but not as good as New York pizza! Also, it was good to make sure the truck still worked just fine before returning to NY the next day. We had decided that I would drive back for the memorial service by myself, and that we would cancel the hotel room we had by the Seaport in Manhattan and stay upstate instead for New Year's Eve.

For the third straight night, the kids and I went to sleep pretty late. By now, the kids were at least on a regular schedule for the trip. Basically, everything was pushed back about two hours from normal. Instead of waking at 7, they'd wake up at 9 or 10. Instead of bedtime at 9, it was bedtime at 12. Instead of lunch at 12 and a nap at 1, it was lunch at 3 and a nap at 4.

The kids were able to sleep quite well. I still couldn't sleep worth a damn.

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