Thursday, January 29, 2009

Able Cable

As I'm going through my taxes and trying to plan for the future, I'm also trying to determine again how best to leverage my time outside of work and school in an effective manner.

More and more, I've been spending lot sof time on the computer, whether it's for poker (which is less than before, but come May will go back up) or for several of the web pages I've begun writing for. After graduation, I'll also be hoping to do some independent work for programming or development for other folks - every penny counts.

Here is Georgia, the only option is generally AT & T, but should I make the move back to New York then one of the possibilities might be Time Warner Internet Service. Between writing, poker, and any other consulting/development work, I might have a big need for fast, reliable service. Time Warner high speed internet is pretty prevalent in the parts of New York I would consider moving back to, especially if I'm able to bundle everything together and achieve some sort of measurable savings - not just Time Warner internet, but also cable service, VoIP, and on-demand services.

It might be worth it - especially if I'm stuck paying a few thousand a month for an apartment.