Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bad Service means no soup for you

One thing that I've been able to figure out over the past few weeks is who cares about their customers and who only cares about their dollars (and therefore, can fuck off)

Let's take hotels as an example.

Holiday Inn (Priority Club) decided to charge the **** out of us for a booked room, despite the fact we cancelled before their deadline. Two weeks later, still no resolution.

Sheraton (Starwood), while we had a great convention in Boston, has passed me around and around their customer service while I've tried to get miles posted and get a credit for being charged extra amounts which weren't ours.

Mariott gets to be on the shit list for being too damn expensive at every stop of our trip, compared to every hotel in the area.

Radisson (Country Inn) can be on the list for not finding any of my account information and improper booking, which again causes us to have to do calls after the fact (mostly unanswered) to get things reconciled.

Only one hotel chain actually seemed to care about us whenever we called and needed to make sudden changes or reservation. Hilton hotels (that included Doubletree, Hampton, and a few others) really came through when we needed to make changes to any booked rooms, find a room in a hurry, or post the stays correctly as needed.

Hey, I post when companies piss me off, so it's only fair I give credit to a company when they seem to do right by their customers. In our case, Hilton's HHonors program worked with us a bunch of times over a very short time frame.

So, we will be staying with them from now on, I think. They deserve it.

Everyone else can piss off.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

Screw customer service....start staying in some money and support the sons and daughters of India!

APOSEC72 said...

If it was just me, or just the two of us, we would consider it. Now, with the kids, it makes more sense to go the chain route.

Especially when one of the chains can give decent prices comparable to motels down the street.