Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Easing Off

It's become obvious I need to cut back on some things in order to retain my sanity over the next couple of months. So, I'm making some changes.
  1. With classes taking up Monday and Wednesday, I'll be knocking out any studying and assignments on Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Sundays.

  2. Any Examiner writing will come during lunchtime - which is where most of the political stuff is now going, as you may have noticed.

  3. Ditto for any writing here.

  4. Hopefully, this means I will not be on the computer to all hours of the night, as I have been the last couple of nights.

  5. I WILL STOP WORKING FROM HOME SO MUCH ON WORK. I need to put in some limits so I am not burning out by March on everything in my life. Which means...

  6. Aside from the NumBlowMe this Thursday night, I'm pretty much taking a break from poker. While I'll still be doing some writing on it over the next couple of months, I will barely be playing at all until the end of April.

This means almost no FTOPS XI events, and almost no BBT 4 events for the next three months. Once May 1 hits, though, I will pick it back up some more, but for now, there just isn't the time or energy available to donk around as much as I used to. Unless it's a Saturday and no one is around, or I'm not doing anything - which almost never happens - I probably won't be there.

And no, I haven't been running too bad - I've taken two 2nds on BoDog in theMTT's while running atrocious at Full Tilt. It evens out. I just don't have the time, energy, or patience to fit it in unless I'm going to go whole hog, and I'm not going to grind like that for a while. I'm not shutting down, I'll keep posting stuff as often as I was, but the poker content will continue to decrease over the next couple of months.

After that...well, the other eight months of the year should be VERY interesting...

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