Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I didn't have time to put up the BoDonkey reminder yesterday, what with family about. We all went to dinner and I got back into the house at 9:08, and the tourney had already begun.

We only had 35 last night, with 6-10 getting their buyins back and 1-5 getting the big money and T$.

This is a 13-week series, and I missed the first eight due to classes. The first one I played, in week 9, I got knocked out early on.

Week 10: Cash in 6th place (just the buyin back)
Week 11: Cash in 3rd place
Yesterday (Week 12) Cash in 5th Place

So, that's three final tables of this thing in a row. Between the last two weeks, I've accrued a good amount of T$ to use in the mini-SOP starting this weekend.

There is one more week to move up into the top 18. I probably need another final table, at least, to make it into the top 18 and have a shot at a Main Event package that I have no vacation time to take. I can't see the leaderboard (or do a screen shot from the tourney) but I m in 33rd right now.

We will see. It is a long way to go.

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