Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Instead of bubbling on the big money, like last week, I came in 3rd in the BoDog Blogger Tourney this week.

Big points move, and big T$ infusion in addition to the cash, but I'm disappointed because I was way ahead in this final table. I had 60% of the chips with 5 players left, and ended up donking off quite a bit in a three-way pot, running a poor bluff, and getting busted by a rivered straight by an equal-sized chipstack.

It's a nice win, but I would have much preferred the first place win and moving up much further in the points race for the ToC. It'll be interesting to see how much higher I moved, and how much more I have to make up next week to get to the top 18.

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lightning36 said...

Nice showing at the Bodonkey. The play gets pretty darn difficult there once you hit the final table.

Good luck with your goat .. he he.