Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BoDog Live Blog

9:05: BoDonkey starts.

9:07: Log in. I didn't miss much. There are 44 runners.

9:14: Bust Columbo when my snowmen become a set on the flop, then a riverboat, against his AQ (TPTK on flop).

9:22: I think that's the only decent hand I'll see this hour.

9:25: Skillz game starting in 5 minutes, I guess it's double duty tonight. At least I'm still chip leader in the BoDonkey before Alt-Tap ruins my left hand for the night.

9:30: Who you calling a HOE? Tonight's Skillz Game os HOE Limit. 67 runners. Make the final table of 8, get paid. No link available right now.

9:33: Second hand of HOE, bet flop and - everyone folds? Huh?

9:35: I forgot how much I hate Limit Hold Em.

9:38: Still at 6200 in BoDonkey.

9:42: Mmmmm.........Omaha scoops. I think I've gotta space the updates out a little more, though. 3160 in Skillz, 6300 in Bodonkey.

9:52: On the other end of a scoop in Omaha and I'm back to a starting stack in Skillz.

9:56: Chip bleeding in E (Stud H/L). Not cool.

10:00: Back to Hold Em in Skillz. Waaaaay down to T2384.

10:05: Break Time in BoDonkey and I am now second. Not cool there either.

10:17: Back over the starting stack in Skillz, and up to T7100 in BoDonkey. Yay.

10:22: BoDonkey - My Aces v. NumbBono's Queens, and the flop is A-7-7 for DA NUTS. Up to 9560 and back in the lead. (Sorry, don't have a link.) We have 33 left of 44.

10:30: We broke da HOE...and on the last hand, deuces full of sixes moved me up to T4289 and 9th of 65 left (we only lost two in the first hour). Also over 10K in BoDonkey.

10:41: Won another race in BoDonkey - my A-J caught on the turn against 10's. Over 12K.

10:50: BOUNTY! $2 for a knockout of Dwal78.

10:52: 7th in Skillz, 1st in BoDonkey, and now I've got Buddy Dank Radio on.

11:04: 4th/57 in Skillz and 4th/19 in BoDonkey. Whaaaaa?

11:10: Big hit when K-2 trips up on deuces on the flop (ow).

11:23: Another bounty, but by accident - absent all in player, and there was a live side pot, I bet out, other player folded, and I won the pot.

11:24: Points bubble popped in BoDonkey!

11:28: Bounty in Skillz for VinNay. Back to 6th. 4th in BoDonkey, and we are at the money bubble.

11:37: Break #2 in Skillz, 5th of 37. We have made the money on BoDog. 8 left on an ugly beat by me that I thought was a steal and I got massively lucky on the river.

11:45: 7 in BoDonkey. Top 5 get an extra $109 in tourney dollars. Still in 3rd.

11:50: Another bounty in Skillz, of oossuuu754. I am now 4th in BOTH tourneys again.

11:59: Another bounty in Skillz, of scottc25, but a terrible play in BoDonkey and I am 5th of 6. Ran A-7 into A-Q. Oops.

12:07: Out in BoDonkey in 6th when my A-10 lost to A-6 on a rivered diamond flush. Well, at least I get the buyin back, but the $109 would have been really nice.

12:08: Another bounty, on DragonFCP. I am 5th in the Skillz with 20 to go. I think I've got my buyin back now.

12:12: No more bounties, but now over 20K in Skillz at the points bubble.

12:20: Hanging tough, 4th of 15.

12:40: Not many. Hanging on. 7th of 10.

12:42: Make that 10th of 10, and falling very fast. I am bricking out very badly at Break #3 - I am WAY behind.

12:53: I hang on, and it's a DOUBLE CASH! WOOT!!!!!!

12:57: Double up, now out of last. Whew.

1:02: 7 left, I am 6th.

1:03: 6 of 6. Ruh-roh.

1:07: Survive a five-way pot with a quarter-chop, which means I came out a little ahead in the hand. Yikes. Still 6th and very short.

1:13: It's all over, I'm out in 6th. Still, not a bad night. Two final tables are nice. Now, time for bed.


BrainMc said...

Tough one getting four flushed last night in the Bodonkey. Nice job on the double cash.

Enjoy your break from school, but I know you have family health issues to think about. I hope it turns out well soon.

Francase said...

Irony is, I only ended up still playing because I had to beg out of a live game when a meeting ran longer than expected.