Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An online resource for fuel

I use it quite a bit, but there are links to other areas in the country to see their current gas prices.

For example, right now:

Atlanta: $1.97.
Brooklyn, NY: $2.48 on Kings Hwy.
Flushing, NY: $2.55
Kenner, LA: $2.05 (across the river from NoLa)
Manassas, VA: $2.08
Mesa, AZ: $2.16

Each state/metro area is a sub-domain of GasBuddy.com.

One more thing I forgot to mention yesterday - with the average gas and oil price dropping, and a lot of other good economic news, and more evidence of a soft landing, there may now be the possibility of a Republican GAIN in Congress instead of a loss, as a lot of races are tightening up or even flipping based on recent events.

If that happens.......we might see Keith Olbermann's head explode live on TV. That is, if we watched his show.

UPDATE: Looks like I wasn't the only one writing about this...again.

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