Thursday, September 28, 2006

Circling the Drain

I didn't realize this until this morning, mostly because his column ran last week, but Jason Whitlock is no longer with ESPN Page 2.

Full details, from Whitlock's point of view, printed Tuesday.

Oddly, no references on ESPN's site.

I've not agreed with his points of view on several occasions - his constant praise of Jeff George, for example - but he does offer different and independent points of view that definitely brought something to the table for Page 2.

Page 2 used to be pretty decent in its content. Now all that's left seem to be Sportoons, I-hate-the-Yankees columns, and rambling four-hour chats with Bill Simmons that seem to deal more with L.A. people-watching than actual sports.

The only thing now that seems to be mildly entertaining is the occasional TMQ, but that starts to drag a bit when you get to page 12 and realize how much more is left.

If you're going to be offbest, then keep it original and keep it short.

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paul zummo said...

Not a big fan of Whitlock myself, but I'll support anyone who trashes Lupica. Lupica's been writing the same column for about 8 years now. He's so full of himself and so in love with his schtick ("the way . . .") that he's become almost unreadable. Not to mention that now he has to throw in his usless leftist politics on top of everything else.

I guess that wasn't so much a defense of Whitlock as an opportunity to trash Lupica. Oh well.