Thursday, November 20, 2008

Way Behind

I have 3,571 unread items in my reader aggregator, and 135 unread recent items in my e-mail.

I haven't done too many original posts over on the Examiner lately.

I've actually been working from home on occasion because the items I need to complete are items that can only be done when no one is logged in to the servers.

But I am now done with two of my classes. Only the programming class remains.

Hopefully, that means I can get some sleep soon, and begin to get the energy back into posting a bit more like I had been doing for the past couple of months on all the sites. Right now, though, I'm very tired and burnt out from many things going on all at once.

One thing I did add (for those who read this through an aggregator) was a link splice and sidebar box for Digg. It seemed like a good way to highlight stories written by other examiners or stories which I found funny but didn't have the time or energy to re-post. So, if nothing else, you'll continue to see those fresh stories, even if I don't write very much.
In the meantime, I'll be reading more stories about the Hooker Bar.

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