Friday, November 14, 2008

Early Presents

I've had my current cellphone number for six years through the same carrier. The phone unit I've had, however, has been beat up terribly through the years.

In addition, we started getting tired of the limited features available, and I wanted a phone with more fun features to use.

I've looked at iPhones and third-party dealers, but the need wasn't too great until last month when Kim's job situation went a bit kaflooie.

Yesterday, we finally fixed the problem, and decided to get a new plan with AT & T (which has the rest of our communication stuff anyway). Since we both needed new phones, we went ahead and got the last two phones they had in stock of the Samsung A767 Propel.
This was the phone as we first got it, six years ago. Smiple, did it's job, but not too sturdy and not a lot of bells and whitsles.

This is the phone we switched to, under the same plan, with several years of heavy wear, lots of tear, dropping, tossing, and chewing by two-legged and four-legged creatures. I'm still learning how to use the camera, so blame me for the meh quality. It lasted a long time, and had the ever-loving shit kicked out of it, but it mostly served us well.

This is now my new phone - with the same number as before.
This is Kim's new phone, with a brand new number.
The geek in me is very happy. I sat down with it last night to work on a deal and was actually able to type a halfway decent message with it the new phone - in my e-mail - and for some bizarre reason I was incredibly pumped.
I think it must have been the keyboard, and not the fact that there's a demo of Guitar Hero III on the phone. Or the fact that it seems really shiny and we like shiny things.

I might test out doing a post from it this weekend, or test out uploading pictures from the aquarium tonight - Georgia State is having a special aquarium night for students, staff, and family with discounted tickets, so we'll get to show the beluga whales the new toys.
Alex, though, is still too young for the phone, even though both of the kids wanted to grab them immediately.

At least it's one thing taken off the must-do list for us.
As for the color - I like green. Shut up.

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