Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One good thing about tonight

In pure frustration, I came home to work and write and do maps and chat and other (hopefully) fun stuff.

Well, I decided to fire up BoDog for the Tuesday Bodonkey. I'd even said earlier that I hadn't been planning on playing in it. I didn't even get to do my weekly pimp post!

Well, at 9:01, I decided to play, again in partial anger from the election results. Also, that I wasn't at the InterContinental in Buckhead.

Good idea, I guess.

Lesson: If I am in a bad mood, stay the fuck away from me at a table.

I also found out I won't have class Thursday night, so I can play Thursday as well.


$mokkee said...

congrats on the win, well done.

BrainMc said...

I've played at the same table as you before, you don't have class any night. Just kidding, congrats on the win.

lightning36 said...

Big congrats on the Bodonkey win. But geez -- one more suckout and I would have been challenging you for the lead. : o )