Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The last week has bee a whirlwind for many reasons, not just the election, and as such I haven't posted nearly as much as I would have liked.

  • I started playing a lot more poker again, mostly to take my mind off other things. It's gone well, as you've seen. Tonight is another BoDonkey, with a $109 bounty on Rizen again.
  • I started meeting with a tutor for my programming class. It's OK so far, even though I wish I didn't have to get one. I've never had one before. It feels strange.
  • I clinched at least an A- in my other two classes, so I just need a C in that programming class. I am still hopeful I emerge with a B, but at least I have some breathing room if I do fall flat on my face.
  • I did not get shitfaced drunk Tuesday night while watching the results. Or Wednesday during the Mookie, or Thursday after class was cancelled and playing the Thursday BoDonkey, or Friday when the workweek ended.
  • Saturday was spent almost entirely away from the computer. We all went to Madagascar 2, then did McDonalds to get the obligatory toys. Thanks to a friend, I then went to the Velvet Room as they got a VIP table thanks to Q100. Jermaine Dupri may not recognize it anymore since its in the hinterlands of Spaghetti Junction instead of Midtown Atlanta.
  • After arriving home close to 2:30 AM, and doing a reading in church at 10:45 AM (!!!) came some writing, the Falcons game (woot!) and the Bodog 100K guarantee, which ended with the nice suckout and me yelling in the car for a few minutes. Thankfully, I had to get pie ingredients from the store, as the wife can make a mean apple pie despite what she thinks.
  • The final table of the WSOP Main Event took place. I'm not following it very rabidly this time around. I'll watch the results tonight, but I'm not watching a pirated feed or refreshing every twenty seconds this year.
  • Work has picked up a bit as we're doing more daily tracking/monitoring, which is the sort of stuff that drove me NUTS at the bank. If I weren't getting everything done, I'd probably have a bigger problem with it.
  • First, my home computer crashed on Nov. 3. Now, my DSL modem has crashed, so we've resorted to dial-up until a new modem arrives. Oh, joy. A SmartPhone is looking like a better and better idea every day.
  • We might have a gathering of the moronosphere here in Atlanta sometime soon. If you've written me, you're getting a note this afternoon about meeting up.
  • We know what we are doing now for Christmas, so I'll probably be seeing some of you northern folks very soon.
  • Bill Curry is coming to Georgia State to be our first football coach - there is a meet and greet in Buckhead on Nov. 20 which I'll be attending.

That's about all my brain can regurgitate for now. I think it's been a combination of burnout and over-extension as of late, so I need to do a better job of managing my time. I'm just glad that I don't seem to have fallen back into any sort of deeply depressed state over the past ten days or so.


On my honor, though, I promise not to post any lolcat pictures to fill space.


SirFWALGMan said...

How can I lose to someone who can not even pass a programming class :P. hehe. Of course this is spoken by a guy who has been programming since he was 13.. writing chat software and the like in QBasic. lol. Good luck man.

The Bodog Poker Blogger said...

Rizen plays on the 25th!