Sunday, November 09, 2008

Taking a shot downfield

I'm signed up next Sunday in FTOPS #24, but this weekend I also won a decent amount of tourney dollars on BoDog in the two blogger tournaments.

So, I am taking a shot today in Bodog's $100,000 Guaranteed tournament. It normally has an overlay, I'm hoping today is the same as well, and that my luck continues.

Come over and rail - and hopefully, I'll still be around.

Also, hopefully I will be close to done on at least one paper, probably for my Marketing class.

Update: I was so....close. I made it to 148th. I'd been grinding all day, with only two premium hands. I got QQ about 30 minutes in, but I had stepped away for a second and got times out, it was the only hand I had missed. I got A-A in the third hour with a short stack, pushed in after 1 limper, but did not get any calls.

720 people started, 90 paid, so if I made it through four hours, I'd make the money. At least, that was my estimate.

I managed to do a lot of thievery in the third and fourth hour from a short stack. I ran my stack from 875 (the starting stack was 2500) up to about 6600 - still only about 50% of the average stack, but not in too bad shape.

Two hands knocked me out. One of them, I did not even play.

I got K-Q in the BB. A loose player had pushed his short stack in for about 3000 (I had about 5600 at this point). I put him on nothing better than ace-rag, possibly king-rag, and was planning on calling...when the SB pushes over the top. He's been loose, but this might mean I'm up against an ace-rag and a medium pair, and the odds of surviving are not in my favor. I fold the hand, and both players flip up ace-rag. I should have called, because the king AND queen on the flop would have let me triple up.

The very next hand brings Presto to me in the SB. It is folded to the button (who had just come over the top with a raggy ace) who shoves in in what appears to ba a blatant steal. I call, and wait for a minute while the BB times out. Button flips up K-7 offsuit, and I think I'm OK, after a 10-2-4-10 which gives me a diamond draw and leaves the craptacular button with four outs instead of six.

River: 7 of spades.


Bye bye.

At least I can take solace in the fact that I lasted pretty long without picking up barely any premium hands over three and a half hours. I feel a little more confident going into FTOPS now.

That didn't stop me, though, from cursing in the car for about sixty seconds on my way to the store after busting out.


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