Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Travel plans

Next week is Study Abroad week at Georgia State. For 2007-2008, I started looking at a study abroad trip pretty late in the game - almost into March of this year before I began looking at going to China for a two-week study abroad session. It would have been a nice China tours, including one day in Beijing on the day of the Opening Ceremonies - on 8/8/08, it turned out to be bigger than any other China holidays.

I'm making plans to go next week at some point to get more information on what sessions are available. Even though I am planning on finishing in May, I am still eligible to participate in one of the programs, so it's worth a listen, if nothing else.

They will be having Globe-Trekker sessions all week, so I might make time to stop in for one on the same day as the Bill Curry meetup posted earlier. Robinson offers a lot of different trips which might be interesting: South Africa, France/Spain, France/Belgium, Hungary/Czech Republic, Modern Paris, Italy, Greece/Turkey, Buenos Aires/Rio, and Germany/Switzerland.

No trips to anywhere in Asia this time around. No special opportunities like a boat ride on the Yangtze or Rhine cruises. Jobwise, the most relevant would probably be the Rio and Buenos Aires trip given how we are trying to expand in Latin America.

Still, it's an interesting list of trips and some are worth considering, even if it doesn't count for credit any more.

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