Monday, March 27, 2006

A hole grows in Brooklyn

Sinkhole Closes R Line in Bay Ridge

Aside from the obligatory SUV driver joke, this caught my attention after being on the front of the AJC's website this afternoon. Why it was, I don't know, since Atlanta has not gotten large enough geographically to include a borough 800 miles away. I think.

Interesting, though, because this water main break is located right where I used to live for a little while. In 1998 I spent a summer sharing an apartment in Bay Ridge while working IT in Manhattan so dealing with the R was a daily grind. Sometimes, rollerblading to work was faster.

It's just funny (especially since no one was hurt) to see a big hole with a SUV in it, right near a building where I used to live. Of course I wouldn't find it so funny if I still lived there.

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