Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not so hot

I figured that going to Disney World for a few days with the family would be a nice way to get away from the grind and recharge my batteries abit before getting into the next two months.

Sunday was spent doing a little bit of work for school, finishing up a paper for my consulting class due Monday. I also found out my grade for my Capstone midterm, and I'm sitting with a solid B at the moment in that class.

Monday, though, marked a return to work and school that I was not expecting. The last three days, actually, have been pretty rough.

It looks like we will be cutting another 8% of the workforce within our area, on top of the cuts of 9% a few weeks ago. I had been hoping the next round, if necessary, wouldn't occur until May and after classes were over,but it doesn't appear to be that way.

I'm not as confident in this round as I was last round (which wasn't much) about surviving. I'm more than a bit nervous this time around.

I also bombed another Finance exam today, running out of time and not being able to finish two of the questions. For those that know how I take tests, I'm normally one of the first ones done on any exam, so the fact I ran out of time so badly (along with at least 1/3 of the class) is probably a good indicator of the difficulty of the test.

Lastly, Alex was throwing up last night, and in getting out of bed Kim broke a toe, so she's now in a soft cast for a week after a fun hospital visit tonight.

So it's not been a good return so far. Instead of refreshed, I'm already looking forward to the next break and feeling exhausted. I guess a shitload of stress and only 3 hours of sleep a night will do that. I'm even starting to see and feel some of the depressing symptoms I've had in the past, and I really don't have a desire to return to those days.

So when the hell is the Summer Blogger Gathering in Vegas, anyway? That might be needed, especially if I need to find other means of income!

June seems so far away......but really, when is it?

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