Sunday, March 22, 2009


Normally, at 4:20, this would be a good heading to have.

However, it's four-twenty IN THE FREAKING MORNING, so it's not a good thing.

OK, it could be a good thing at this time, but really it's not.

I've been up not because I was playing poker, or out having drinks, or on a trip, or out partying, or any other form of debauchery.

I'm awake because this little laptop decide to crash approximately nine times today while I was trying to do research and write my portion of a paper for my Capstone class which I was supposed to upload tonight so we could present a workable draft for review and discussion after Monday's class.

It took me almost eight hours to do the research required for what amounts to a page and a half of writing, because this computer seems to have forgotten just how to allocate memory, and has decided to adopt to attitude of Oliver McCall by just shutting down at random points, which kick-starts a long, painful boot and recover each time.

It took 30 minutes to download and open a simple Excel document from a SharePoint site - which is about as good an example of fucked-upness I can think of.

Like many other things, I'd been hoping this computer would just make it until graduation. It's looking more apparent it won't make it until May unless a minor miracle occurs. Given how much I've worked it, it's not much of a surprise, but it is still one more annoyance I didn't fricking need right now.

Looks like I'll be trolling on eBay for a refurbished model again - I did that a few years ago with an old Dell, and it worked well for a while, so perhaps I can find a decent one for under $200 (if current auctions are a sign, I should be able to get around that price point.

And no, even though it is 4:20 and I did just complete an assignment, I am not celebrating with a bowl. Unless you count ice cream - though generally the munchies come AFTER the bowl, not in the bowl.

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