Sunday, March 01, 2009

New month, new sale

With spring fast approaching and tax refund checks starting to show up in the mail, many homeowners are doing what they often do in a recession.

Remodeling. Hey, if no one's buying houses (aside from the government) then now is a decent time to take a little set-aside money to do some projects around the house.

Next week, I'll unfortunately be doing lawn work. Lots of lawn work. I suck at it.

Other folks will do other projects around the house.

A couple people I know may even be creating new game rooms for their house. Hey, if all the materials for putting it together are cheap, then why not? Game systems on sale, furniture on sale from business who are going out of business, and of course, poker tables for making it a full-fledged game room.

Here as well, it's a buyer's market - overstock specials on poker chips and other assorted poker supplies for building a new game room...just in time for March Madness, to go along with the 48-inch TV you can buy for 2/3 off the price, the bar furniture you bought at liquidation prices, and any other amenities you can probably find for dirt cheap.

Hopefully this summer I'll even have some time for hosting a home game or two.

Now if there's just a way to get out of doing the lawn work.

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lightning36 said...

I have lived in my house for almost two years. I saved the basement so that it could be my kids' hangout, but I am thinking of making it the adult playground instead.

Now if I can only find a good Xenon pinball machine ...