Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No wait for a trap

In decompressing after a long day and firing up a Sit and Go on Full Tilt, I ran into this on the very first hand.

Raise UTG, get call from button.
He checks, I c-bet, he calls. Time to slow down.
Turn: check check.
River: I fill up with Jacks over Tens, but he has the case jack. He bets, I fold, he shows the quads.

I can't blame him too much for defending his blind and getting lucky, but geez we didn't wait long there, did we?

(I don't owe anybody a dollar for that - no bad beat or crying call that knocked me out.)

On the bright side, two hands later I got my chips back. Twelve hands later, he lost his stack by pushing 40 BB with 3-3 and then A-9 offsuit. Forty hands later, I took it down.

A decent way to decompress - though I would prefer the RNG not try to hate on the very first hand for a while.

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